Happy Campers!

Just to show you how easy the Venter trailer are to move around. Here is our 3 year old pushing ours!


By Phone

3 Year Old

Well, I’m stoked this afternoon as the venter trailer has arrived and it’s now in my home. It looks really great and it’s exactly what I wanted. The colour matches my hilux nicely ?. Thanks for great service and all the best for the future.



Jona, Ireland

The Bates family are on holiday! Venter is fantastic!!

Well we are back from our six week holiday in Italy and I can report that the trailer was FANTASTIC!! No problems whatsoever and as you said we really didn’t know it was there.  Many thanks!.

Keith and Family

Keith on holiday

Hi Scott

Just a quick message to thank you and Josh for all your help and advice with the pick up on Saturday.  We bought the adapter for the electrics and I can confirm that all the lights worked fine and dandy.

Just as you said we didn’t know it was behind us and we negotiated our way through central London without a glitch.

If you ever need a testimonial for any prospective clients then don’t hesitate to put them in touch.

Best Regards


Keith Bates

Professional Tour Guide