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Savuti Trailer Tents and Voyager Trailers on their way

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Savuti Trailer Tents and Voyager Trailers on their way

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Savuti Trailer Tents and Voyager Trailers on their way

Elite 6 Leisure Trailer

A foot longer in length than the Elite 5 – A multi-purpose leisure trailer offering security and versatility. Your family and loved ones can travel in comfort without having to fight for space with your holiday luggage!


£2,350.80 inc. VAT

Elite 6 Leisure Trailer
The Elite 6 trailer is a foot longer in length than the Elite 5, but includes all the same fantastic features!

It is becoming more and more apparent to holiday goers or anyone just wanting to transport items, that an alternative source of space needs to be found. Well, it already has been, in the form of a Venter Trailer.

These multi-purpose trailers will make sure that your family and loved ones can now travel in comfort without having to fight for space with your holiday luggage.

Offering security and versatility, you simply can’t go wrong when choosing a Venter Trailer. If you are a keen weekend camper, you can even choose to have your “nose cone” insulated, and it can then act as an additional cool box. All you you need to do is add the ice!

So, what do you expect from a trailer? Well, to be such a survivor you’d probably imagine that the trailer would be high quality, have tasteful, constant design and be as versatile as you need it to be. Well, with a Venter trailer you certainly wouldn’t be wrong.

This trailer is a veritable workhorse that can be utilized for multiple purposes. The unique design and robustness and its high standards of quality and reliability have been developed and perfected over a period of many years. And boy, does it show.

Constructed from quality, corrosion resistant zinc or electro galvanised sheet steel, the rigid body is both safe and well balanced, maintaining perfect alignment behind the towing vehicle. What’s more, only top class, proven materials and parts are used. Quality service and authentic spares are guaranteed when servicing. It’s this level of reliability and quality that ensure very high resale values.

Venter Trailers have been around in South Africa since 1959, and they have always been committed to quality engineering and durability, attention to detail and trend-setting designs in shape and aesthetic appeal. Venter Trailers continually strive to be the market leader in the leisure trailer market, worldwide. Their trailers are multi-award winning, with the latest being in 2011, when Venter Trailers won the Diamond Eye Award in Geneva, Switzerland, for Quality Commitment and Excellence.

• One spare wheel 155 x 13”
• Nosecone with new toggle catch
• 8 tie-down ring holders to tighten luggage
• Number plate twin light fitting
• Alko coupler with plug holder
• Long life special axle with larger bearings
• 6 blade leaf spring
• Two gas lifts on trailer lid
• New toggle catch on lid
• Aluminium handle on lid
• Bumpstops on axle

The figures below relate to the dimensions marked on the diagram.

A Height (overall) 1085 mm
B Height (side) 560 mm
C Length (body) 1760 mm
D Length (overall) 2890 mm
E Width (inside) 1180 mm
F Width (overall) 1550 mm
G Ground Clearance 250 mm
I Length (nose cone) 650 mm


Additional technical information about the Elite 6 Leisure Trailer

Technical Info
Tare Mass 160 kg
GVM 700 kg
Pay Load 540 kg
Brakes None
Axle Length 1400 mm
Axle Capacity 700 kg
Leaf Springs 6 Blade
Wheels 155 x 13